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Fundraising is a crucial part of VOLthon, without it we wouldn't be able to create miracles for the families at East Tennessee Children's Hospital. Through fundraising we have been able to raise over $2 MILLION for East Tennessee Children's Hospital, and with your help we can continue our mission. Check out this page to learn how you can fundraise and make a difference in children's health.


Have a list of Donors

  • Make a list of friends, family, co-workers, etc. who you can reach out to for donations!


Set Goals

  • Set monthly goals to help you reach your overall goal (ex. If you raise $100 a month you can raise over $1,000 by main event!)

  • Ask for small amounts! If you Venmo request $1 from 20 people you can easily raise $20 


Offer Favors in exchange for donations

  • Clean your friends car

  • Coffee delivery 

  • Ride somewhere

  • Drink at the bar

  • Custom playlist

  • Ride to class

Have talent? Use it to your advantage

  • Painting for a donation

  • Photoshoot for a donation

  • Desktop collage pic for a donation 

Cheap donation ideas

  • donate $2 for your rapper name

  • donate $x for a picture of my dog 

  • Donate $x for my best joke

  • Donate $x to receive an embarrassing picture of me  

  • Donate $x for a dare

  • Donate $x and i have to answer any question 

Target your roommate!

  • Donation to clean their room

  • Donation to do their laundry 

  • Donation to deep clean the bathroom

  • Donation to vacuum and mop 

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