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Best Ways to Fundraise for $100 Days!


Hey, y’all! As some of you may or may not know, fundraising for VOLthon is starting to swing into full drive, and we need as much help as we can get from our fellow students. 

I know it can be especially difficult to raise money in our current climate but even the smallest donation matters, whether it be one dollar or 100 dollars! 

Wondering how you can start raising this money? 

Here’s some pro tips on how to get well on your way to $100

Facebook is Your Friend!

If your preferred method of collecting donations is via Facebook, try introducing yourself and the purpose of VOLthon to your friends and family on Facebook. When they know what you're fundraising for and why you’re passionate about it, this can make people more willing to donate. You can start by using some of these outlines to get you started: 

  • “Hello my name is ____ and I am raising money for our local Children’s Miracle Network hospital in honor of Child’s Health Day today. I am a part of my school’s Dance Marathon program, VOLthon and need your support to help the kids at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Please consider giving back and helping those who fight every day for their life at such a young age. These kids deserve the world and any amount can help make a difference! Thank you so much!!”

  • “Hello friends and family! I have been involved with a philanthropic organization which raises money for a local children’s hospital, called VOLthon, for ___ years. This year I am _____(name of committee or miracle maker or director role, etc.)___ and am fundraising today specifically for Child’s Health Day. The kids at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital need your help especially now more than ever! Please consider supporting the kids and providing a donation! Any amount goes a long way and helps keep the hospital running on a day to day basis so they can give the kids the best possible care”

  • “Hello!! Today I am raising money for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in honor of Child’s Health Day! I am a part of VOLthon, which is a student run philanthropic organization which raises money for a local children’s miracle network hospital, and am looking for donations to support the kids! VOLthon has raised OVER 1.5 million dollars in  the last 25 years! Help us start our 26th year on campus off strongly! Thank you so much for your support!”

No Facebook, No Worries! 

If you don’t have a Facebook or just hate the thought of having to dust off an account you haven’t used in a while, spreading the word and asking for donations through Instagram and text are great solutions as well!

Should you choose to gain support for your campaign over Instagram or through text, try sending out a more casual message to your friends by saying something like this: 

  • “Today is Child’s Health day and I am trying to raise $29!! Will you help support the kids at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital? Any donation goes a long way and allows more miracles to happen! Thank you!!”

Since VOLthon is going Back to Basics, Here are Some Basic Fundraising Tips! 

Fundraising can seem overwhelming, but it’s actually quite simple. Remember to keep it personal, make it fun, and always spread the word on VOLthon! 

To help you out with that, you can start by: 

  • Always personalizing your message and letting others know why you chose to become involved with VOLthon 

  • Use phrasing such as “join” or “build” instead of “donate” to encourage more people to contribute to your fundraiser 

  • Don’t forget to mention the kids or the hospital. Hearing about the kids is liable to tug on some peoples’ heartstrings and make them more inclined to donate!

  • Not only should you explain why you chose to become involved in VOLthon, you should also explain WHAT VOLthon is: a student run philanthropic organization which raises money for our local children’s miracle network hospital, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

  • A quick, convenient, and easy way to get people to donate sometimes is by simple asking if you can Venmo request them a few dollars 

  • Use fun incentives catered to the audience you’re asking for donations from. Try saying you’ll post a Tik Tok if someone donates X amount of money, offer to give someone a ride, or even offer to do their laundry

  • Individually text people instead of group messaging

  • Thank your donors!! A handwritten thank you or a simple text can go a long way in letting someone know you appreciate their contributions. 

  • If someone can’t donate, encourage them to share your post and help you spread the word about VOLthon 

Any amount helps, so make sure to spread the word. Happy fundraising and see you at Dance Marathon!

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