Get spooky for the kids-halloween push day

This Halloween we wanted to get ~spooky~ For The Kids by encouraging our members to raise $31 in 24 hours. A $31 donation can fund a child-sized IV pole and in addition to these donations, we wanted to help the children at ETCH have a Happy Halloween! We set up a table on ped walkway and dressed up to get in the spirit. We encouraged members and all who donated with incentives such as gift cards, candy grabs and a balloon pop. For the candy grab and the balloon pop you could donate $1 and grab a handful of candy from a jar or throw darts at balloons for a chance to win a prize. By the end of the day, we raised a grand total of $2,108.27!! The highest fundraiser for the day was Ashley Fleiner.

In addition to our Halloween push day, we set up a Halloween party where kids at the hospital were able to go trick-or-treating. There was pizza, tons of treats and so many spooky costumes! The kids absolutely loved being able to dress up, collect candy and celebrate this holiday with our members.


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