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As we enter the new year, we are becoming even closer to our main event. We are exactly 65 days away! VOLthon wanted to let you meet three of our directors this year to show you how hard our organization has been working.  

Peyton Mooneyhan: Director of Online Communications

Meet Peyton! Peyton serves as our Online Communications Director this year. Peyton brings a great deal of happiness and joy into our organization. She has gone above and beyond to make sure communication with our donors, families, and members is up to date and consistent. In just a few short months, Peyton has already raised $575 for East Tennessee Children's Hospital. When we asked Peyton why she loves this organization, she said...

"I am for the kids because every child deserves a happy, healthy childhood filled with fun memories." To keep updated on upcoming events and our organization follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Haley Reeves: Director of Fundraising

Haley is one of our Directors of Fundraising. She works extremely hard, alongside our other fundraising director, to create many great and creative ideas to help raise money for East Tennessee Children's Hospital. One thing Haley and her partner developed this year was tabling on University of Tennessee's campus selling hot chocolate to students during a very wicked winter. Haley has been a dedicated member of VOLthon for the past 4 years. Haley joined VOLthon “so I can fight for the kids who can’t. I am fighting for more laughs, more miracles, and more futures!" Last year, Haley served as Director of Events, and she became a part of the Comma Club at our main event last year. A Comma Club member is one who raise $1,000 or more for East Tennessee Children's Hospital. This year Haley has raised $2,393 for East Tennessee Children's Hospital!! If you would like to support Haley of reaching her goal of $3,000, click here.

Samantha Murphy: Director of Recruitment

Another one of our outstanding fundraisers is Samantha Murphy. Samantha works as our Director of Recruitment. In this position, Samantha finds different ways to help recruit more members and dancers to join our organization. Some of the ways Samantha recruits new members and dancers is by tabling on campus, making students aware of what our organization is and how someone can become a part of VOLthon. She has taken every step forward to show why students should join this organization. Samantha's inspiration to this organization is her brother, Kyle. Samantha joined VOLthon "to commemorate Kyle and to help kids like him see the future for their own eyes."Samantha this year has already raised $1,404 dollars! If you would like to help Samantha reach her goal of $2,000, click here.

Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to seeing what 2019 brings us. Happy New Year!


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