This year VOLthon is...DEFYING THE ODDS

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Yesterday was a very exciting day for VOLthon because we launched our year long campaign Defy the Odds! We chose Defy the Odds because we want to challenge individuals to think about something they want to overcome.

We chose to launch this year's campaign on Child's Health Day. We stood on campus and asked students to write down ways that they are going to defy the odds this year. In addition, since it was Child's Health Day we handed out gold ribbons that represent Childhood Cancer. We also allowed students to come and write letters to the children at East Tennessee Children's Hospital. Students wrote inspirational and motivating messages to keep the children as positive as they can. Defy the Odds was a hit around campus yesterday. We had multiple students come up and learn how to get involved in VOLthon and also learn what Defy the Odds meant to us. In addition, one of our members, Jordan Carlson our Public Relations Director, took over the UT Knoxville Instagram Story. This was an amazing part of our campaign because it helped us spread the word about VOLthon on UT's Campus. On Instagram we gained 15 followers just yesterday, and in the last seven days we have had 508 profile visits to our Instagram.

Our members defying the odds!


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