We're just getting started!

On Monday of this week, we sent out a mass post that we had something BIG coming, and something big could not even begin to describe it: VOLthon is celebrating its 25th year!

This week we kicked off one of our biggest celebrations yet, on Tuesday and Wednesday our members tabled on Pedestrian Walkway to celebrate our 25 years and to share with the students of UT what we are all about.

From sharing about what all VOLthon does For The Kids, to students sharing their hopes and dreams with us for their next 25 years, along with eating some great donuts and cookies to celebrate, we are so glad to say that this campaign has been successful thus far.

So far we have over 100 people signed up to participate in Volthon this year, but we want more, because while every year is special, 25 just means so much more. So help us help the kids.

Start conversations with your friend groups about what VOLthon means to you, share our social media blast and blogs, and do not forget to check out our 25 year anniversary video!

We can not wait to see where this milestone year takes us and to bring you all along with us, after all we are just getting started.

For the kids,


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