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We are always prepared to make a difference and do what is right for our community and East Tennessee Children's Hospital. We encourage you to learn a bit about some of the people that truly live up to the Volunteer creed at the University of Tennessee and are working to be one step closer to better children's health.

We pride ourselves on making sure our staff feels like a great, big family. While staff for VOLthon 2023 is already chosen, we invite you to register as a Miracle Maker. Our family is always prepared to welcome new members, feel free to register below!

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Alissa Gordon.jpg

Alissa Gordon

Director of Data Management

Anna Gray.jpg

Anna Gray

Director of Fundraising

Creative Marketing

Executive Board

Lsuren Alexander.jpg

Lauren Alexander

VOLthon President

Jayna Gilkey.jpg

Jayna Gilkey

Vice President of Creative Marketing

Carson Wright.jpg

Carson Wright

Vice President of Finance


Gabriella Llanos

Vice President of Operations

Kailey Kear.jpg

Kailey Kear

Director of Merch Creative

Nima Tayefeh.jpg

Nima Tayefeh

Director of Photography and Videography

Ria Naidoo.jpg

Ria Naidoo

Director of Digital Media Creative

Owen Ponting.jpg

Owen Ponting

Director of Social Media Creative

Community Outreach

Profile Pic.png

Lydia McGee

Director of Family Relations

Claire McDonnell.jpg

Claire McDonnell

Co-Director of Partnerships

Lia Whitesel.jpg

Lia Whitesel

Co-Director of Partnerships

Siena Tomasulo.jpg

Siena Tomasulo

Director of Mini Marathons

Melanie LeBeck.jpg

Melanie LeBeck

Director of Alumni Relations

You are more than welcome to contact us about any questions you may have regarding our Dance Marathon, Fundraising, or if you just want to help make a difference!

Grace Woodside.jpg

Grace Woodside

Vice President of Community Outreach

Erik Thurza.jpg

Erik Thurza

Vice President of Participant Relations

Allison Tannahil.jpg

Allison Tannahill

Co-Director of VOL Year One 

Megan Balda.jpg

Megan Balda

Co-Director of VOL Year One 

Kate Florey.jpg

Kate Florey

Director of Special Events

Hannah Curtis.png

Hannah Curtis

Director of Staff Relations

Alexandra Hoffman.jpg

Ali Hoffman

Director of Miracle Maker Relations


Emma Cappella.jpg

Emma Cappella

Co-Director of Morale

Connor Solsbee.jpg

Connor Solsbee

Co-Director of Morale

Isabelle Ponder.jpg

Isabelle Ponder

Director of Entertainment


McKenzie Pack

Director of Facilities

Untitled design-5.png

Participant Relations

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